Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Do it in 3 steps

Business cards as a
tangible marketing tool
are still relevant
in today’s competitive

Typically business cards
handed out during
social and networking events
still works well, but
to reach more than 100
prospects with your
business card is difficult,
if not impossible
without help.

Here are a few ideas
that can help you.

Three steps...

Step 1: Design your
        next business card
        to make a lot of
        money by taking
        advantage of
        (leveraging) your
        boring contact

           TIP: Business cards
                designed for immediate
                connection, value,
                also use often get
                the better results in
                the field (The numbers:

           Not sure how to
           design a money-making
           business card?

           Start with this guide:

Step 2: Make a list of
        relatives, friends,
        coworkers, and
        networkers you would
        like to hand your
        next business card to.

           TIP: Do not give out
                multiple business cards
                to every relative,
                friend, coworker,
                and networker on your
                list unless they
                ask you for more
                business cards. They will
                ask, so have patience.

           Need a business card

           Go here for
           a review of the best online
           business card printing
           services: http://bit.ly/2oUuIgB

Step 3: Mail your business card
        to 10,000+ new income
        opportunity seekers.

        Mail a long, self-addressed,
        stamped envelope,
        one of your money-making
        business cards, and
        a personal note saying,
        "Please print and mail
        my business card to new
        prospects. Thank you."
        to Wealth Power Network

Wealth Power Network
c/o CBCP-10
Box 292847
Dayton, Ohio 45429

           TIP: Make sure to include
                a long, self-addressed,
                stamped envelope,
                your business card,
                and your note
                when you communicate
                with Wealth Power
                Network, or WPN will
                not publish your
                business card in their
                next mailing.

Business cards are
the only tangible marketing
tool your money-motivated
prospects keep after
they meet you, so make
sure to design your next
business card for
immediate use, only hand
your business cards to
those ready to take action,
and boost the reach
of your business card
using print and mail.